Laser Tag in AR and/or VR

So I have a dream of either getting to design or, at the very least, experience a different kind of Laser Tag that does not involve a lame gun and a 1 shot bzzzzzt, you’re out, start over type gameplay. Instead I dream of a “Laser Tag” game in either AR or VR – AR will be the ultimate cardio workout with friends either in co-op mode against the AI or vs each other – picture an environment of soft cubes or spheres, walls to take cover and the ability to use any ranged weapon you can dream up but with limited ammo – if you waste it your only mode of attack would be close combat.

VR version of that gives up a bit of the cardio but I cat still picture headset users trying to dodge projectiles, grab power-ups and the benefit is you can connect with friends around the world who feel like it even if your local friends are busy or not feeling like a round or 10 when you are.

MIXED AR/VR version is when you and 5 of your friends are on-location but then 4 more friends want in on the action – they’re playing in the same “combat field” as you and your 5 in-person friends and you are all having this shared experience but only some of you are present on location.

Dreaming big…

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  1. Wow Nik, this doesn’t surprise me.
    Ever since I met you in high school you seemed to be ahead of the game when it came to technology: helping me include music for my PowerPoint presentation, burning my first mix cd, and introducing me to the MP3 player.
    Keep up the good work! Perhaps one day I can return the favor by making your dream a reality, a virtual reality =D

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